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Finding a good employee is easy. Finding one who fits your specification and fits into your organization nicely is an entirely different matter. Combine that difficulty with a compressed timeline and you now risk being understaffed and losing productivity.

3TECH Staffing moves at your pace. Whether it is immediate or long-term fulfillment, we will be with you every step of the way. We take the time to build a relationship with your company and understand your culture. That assimilation of information will allow us to find the candidate that most closely matches your need and environment.

Providing 3TECH Staffing with a requirement is about all there is to it. We provide a streamlined process from Recruitment through Onboarding. See below how it works.

Our Process


Upload a specification for a position using your account. The specification flows into our customer relationship management system and enters the queue for immediate processing.

Once in the queue, the specification is assigned a recruiter and the recruiter begins the studying the specification beginning the Research phase of the process.


Once your requirements are received, we will run through the specification using our analytics engine. The engine is pre-seeded with information about your company to allow us to better calibrate for candidates that fit your company's needs.

The end result of this processing is a subset of candidates suitable for the position. The next step is for our personnel to conduct various screenings such as background checks, phone screens, and in-person interviews. This allows a candidate to be as thoroughly vetted as possible before your company conducts an interview in the recommendation phase.


Once the research is completed on our candidates, we will make recommendations for your company to interview potential candidates, starting with the ones most likely matching the corporate culture and position requirements.