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The right job for an individual can be difficult to find. Even when one does find a good job, it may not be the career path or the employer might not have the growth you want for your career. 3TECH Staffing has experience in placing individuals in all job levels and categories.

Individuals can create an account, which will give them access to our database of positions, such that they can search for jobs that interest them. Once positions are applied for, a recruiter will be in touch to discuss the position and how your skills meet the requirement. Alternatively, an individual can submit a resume or fill out a profile with us to allow our recruiters to help find a job with the right fit for you.

Our Process


By registering with 3TECH Staffing, an individual will benefit by gaining access to their profile such that they can keep it up to date. This allows 3TECH Staffing recruiters to search and find them as potential candidates for employers.

Once registered, as new requirements come in from employers, you will automatically be reviewed as a potential candidate.


Candidates will be able to search for positions within our database. They can also review important training materials, such as interview techniques and strategies.

Importantly, 3TECH Staffing recruiters know the individuals hiring for positions. They will be able to prepare you for a successful interview and hiring process.


Once 3TECH Staffing has reviewed you qualifications and found positions which are the correct for the individual, we can make a recommendation to the employer we are working with. Because we have built strong relationships with our partner companies, our recommendations will be regarded highly in a competitive hiring process.